Eyebrow Microblading Philadelphia

What To Know About Microblading in Philadelphia

Microblading is used to enhance eyebrows using specialized tools for a fuller, darker, and more defined appearance. With microblading in Philadelphia, trained professionals use a specialized tool to tattoo the brow area, adding pigment to make it look darker or more shapely.

While microblading is a great option, procedures such as nano brows can give the same result with less trauma. At Nova Lashes Studio, we can guide you through your options so you have the knowledge to make the right choice for you.

What to know about microblading in Philadelphia

If you are willing to get microblading or eyebrow lamination in Philadelphia, then there are some essential points that you should know about.
  • The tools used for microblading are used only once and are disposable.
  • Microblading is generally safer than other tattoo processes.
  • Some skin care products and treatments can impact the procedure, so consult your professional about what to avoid before microblading.
  • It’s best to avoid skincare ingredients containing retinol, acids, or fragrance, and to stay away from mechanical exfoliation, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion before getting semi-permanent brow makeup (whether it’s microblading or something else).
Eyebrow Microblading Philadelphia

How Philadelphia eyebrow microblading is done

The best eyebrow microblading in Philadelphia is fairly straightforward. Following is what you can expect if you go for microblading or nano brows:

Step 1: The brow professional preps the brow tool with a pigment that resembles (or darkens) the person’s natural eyebrow shade. 
Step 2: Your professional will administer the pigment into the epidermis with the tool.
Step 3: They will finish up and give your aftercare instructions. Usually, a second session is scheduled for a few weeks after the first one for full results.

Skincare after microblading

After getting microblading, be sure to take good care of your skin to maximize your results. Our Philly microblading professionals recommend the following:

  • After 2 hours of the treatment, you should clean the area using cotton dipped in sterilized water. 
  • Avoid wetting the area for up to a week. Keep them protected when showering.
  • Avoid wearing makeup or touching the area excessively. Keep in mind that it can take anywhere between 7 to 14 days for the skin to completely heal.

The many benefits of microblading

Microblading or nano brows are the best available options to get perfect eyebrows. The benefits include:

  • Providing a long-lasting remedy for sparse or thinning eyebrows. 
  • Giving a more defined shape to your eyes.
  • Having minimal discomfort throughout the process

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Microblading in Philly can improve the structure and appearance of your entire face. Come visit us at Nova Lashes Studio to get perfectly groomed, beautifully striking brows that fit your face effortlessly.


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