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Best Eyelashes Extensions To Make Your Eyes More Expressive

Lash extensions can help you get flawless, thick, and long lashes without the need for mascara. At Nova Lashes Studio, lash extensions in Philadelphia are among the most popular services we offer, and our team of experts is committed to giving our clients their best look possible.

Great Quality Eyelash Extensions At Affordable Prices

As a trusted source of premium eyelash extensions, Nova Lashes Studio offers a variety of affordable options. Natural-looking length and curl helps you look incredible without a ton of makeup. All our natural lash extensions have a 4-6 week life span. And all our lashes are always cruelty-free!

Sometimes cheap eyelash extensions in Philadelphia are not the best idea. It’s important to choose lash professionals that use high-quality techniques and products. Only searching based on the lowest possible price might give you equally cheap results.

Eyelashes Extensions Services

Our Range of Lash Extensions in Philadelphia:

You can experience different looks with our wide range of faux mink eyelash extensions in Philadelphia.

  • Eyelash Extensions (Normal Classic Volume Style)
Depending on the development cycle of your natural lashes and other circumstances, quality natural eyelash extensions can last from 4-6 weeks.
  • Russian Volume Lash Extensions (As Is)
Russian lashes are incredibly delicate lashes created using the same gentle fiber as traditional ones. The lash professional can connect 2 to 8 more lashes to each normal lash because they are much thinner. Russian eyelash extensions are done in a fan shape, adding extra volume.
  • Premade Fan Eyelash Extensions
You can successfully use preset volume fans to save time and improve your skills as a volume lasher. One can more easily regulate how much glue is applied while using premade fans, particularly heat-bonded fans.

With our varied eyelash extension options, you can get a perfect look for every occasion.

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Nova Lashes Studio is the best option for high-quality eyelash extensions in Northeast Philadelphia. We have a qualified and skilled team who love providing clients with the looks they want. Book Your slot with our eyelashes experts now.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of lash extensions is around $200 for great-quality lashes and formaldehyde-free glues.

Lash extensions really can last up to six weeks. This aligns with the natural growth cycle of lashes, as the extensions are attached to each eyelash.

Yes, we provide lash extension services you’ll love! We use Canadian-made lash extensions with formaldehyde-free glues. Plus, our clients can select the unique length, volume, and color they desire.


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