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Highlight Your Features with Permanent Makeup in Philadelphia

Micropigmentation, often referred to as permanent or semi-permanent makeup, is a technique that involves administering pigments into the skin’s dermal layer, creating the appearance of makeup that does not wash off. It is used to create a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements, such as lip color, lip liner, eyeliner, and permanent eyebrows in Philadelphia.

Our skin care expert uses the cutting-edge Nouveau Contour Intelligent Digital Machine to perform permanent makeup procedures such as permanent eyebrows makeup in Philadelphia. Depending on the needs of each client, this cutting-edge technology is configured with programmable settings intended to maximize comfort and precision.

Experience Our Extensive Range of Permanent Makeup Services:

Our permanent makeup in Philadelphia is absolutely safe with our skilled and experienced professionals. Our popular cosmetic enhancements are permanent eyeliner, followed by nano brows and lip blushing.

  • Eyebrows
 Permanent makeup can help thinning eyebrows look fuller and more defined. Our nano brow technology gives you fuller brows for up to two years. 
  • Eyeliner
 Permanent makeup can outline and deepen your beautiful eyes. There are also several different abilities to apply eyeliner tattoos, from fine, natural lines to thicker, even winged lines. 
  • Lips:
Permanent lip color can define your lips and cupid’s bow while adding some color. After getting your lip color tattooed, it’s normal to have some initial swelling. Still, if you are in good health, our best artist for you, you will be pleasantly surprised by how fast and easily your lips can recover without complications. 
  • Nipple/Areola: 
After reconstructive surgery, skin repigmentation can be done with tattooing.
permanent Makeup services

Our Painless Procedure for Cost-Effective Permanent Makeup:

In addition to skin care specialists, we have experienced permanent makeup artists. Prior to lip blushing or eyebrow in Philadelphia, you may be able to get numbing cream so you feel more comfortable throughout treatment.

The new pigment may lose around 50% of its color over the course of about a week. Our experts may do a reapplication two weeks later to reach the full level of pigment you desire. Most people will need a touch-up roughly once a year, as the pigment is applied close to the skin’s surface.

The price of permanent makeup varies based on your preferences and treatments. Our staff can help you out if you have questions about cost or number of treatments required to get the look you want.

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Our skin care specialists are pleased to assist you if you have questions about Philadelphia permanent makeup or nano brows. Contact our professionals at Nova Lashes Studio for affordable and long-lasting luxury treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions for permanent makeup-

Even though permanent makeup is a good choice, one should not blindly follow it. It works well on most, but minors, pregnant women, people with heart issues, weak immunity, diabetes, thyroid, Glaucoma, skin issues, allergies to certain chemicals, or other health problems should avoid permanent makeup.

Most probably, permanent makeup lasts up to three to five years, even though certain colors might not fade for up to 10 years. However, this duration also depends on the individual’s care routine, exposure to the sun, and shades used in makeup. To maintain the desired makeup look, you need to get touch-ups often.

The most popular permanent makeup is Microblading. It is a fancy term for an eyebrow tattoo. In this procedure, the makeup artist creates larger, more realistic-looking brows by inserting color right beneath the skin in the strokes so that they resemble natural eyebrow hairs. Lip blushing, eyeliner, freckle tattoos, and scar camouflaging follow Microblading.

The average cost of permanent makeup can range from $300 to $700. However, It generally depends on the type of makeup used, the region of the body being treated, and the number of sessions necessary.


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