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Facials are soothing, lovely experiences when they are performed by trained professionals. And knowing that your skin is receiving the attention it needs helps you feel comfortable and relaxed. After all, a licensed esthetician is someone who has completed between 300 and 1500 hours of training, passed the state’s written and practical exams, and is authorized to work in that state. You can experience the best facials in Philly at our studio knowing that our staff is highly professional and experienced.

A facial is typically a series of skin care procedures intended to exfoliate, remove dead skin and impurities, and/or hydrate the skin. This beauty treatment is available in day spas, beauty parlors, and even your dermatologist’s clinic. For some of the best facial rejuvenation in Philadelphia, you can find what you’re looking for at our Northeast Philadelphia beauty studio.

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Facials are multi-step processes that typically take around an hour to complete. Our goal is for you to feel as though you’ve entered a new realm of beauty from the moment you walk into our salon, up until you walk out with more glowing and nourished skin! Getting semi-regular facials is a great and simple way to mitigate the effects of pollution, stress, poor diet, and other factors negatively affecting your skin.

If you want to step up your skincare routine and give your complexion much more care than just cleansing and moisturizing, try a facial in Philadelphia. With the right facial, you can transform dull and lifeless skin into healthy and beautiful skin. In just an hour, a great facial can give you natural glow, cleansed pores, and even a bit of lift. Be sure to drink plenty of water after your facial to keep your glow for as long as possible!

Facial services in philadelphia

Choose One Of Our Many Types Of Facials

Many skin care professionals advise getting facials every four to six weeks. If you are between 18 and 25, you can consider getting a facial on special occasions at a facial spa in Philadelphia, or at least every two months to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh. Book one of our facials anytime to try out a brand-new glow:

  • Classic Facial
This facial treatment will help you keep your skin healthy. It is a fantastic option for people with normal to oily skin types. 
  • Age-defying facial
Facials that address signs of aging can keep you looking younger longer. Think of this facial as the cherry on top of a well-thought-out skincare regimen.
  • Facial microdermabrasion
Our experts use a special exfoliation tool during microdermabrasion that removes layers of dead skin. It exfoliates the skin, which aids in improving skin texture and quality.
  • Hydrating facial
All skin types can profit from hydration facials, which will rejuvenate your skin and leave it feeling softer, smoother, and of course, much more hydrated.
  • Acupuncture facial
An acupuncture facial is exactly what it sounds like! Ultra-fine needles are used in this facial to rejuvenate the skin. One can add this facial to their regimen to mitigate signs of aging and look and feel more rejuvenated.

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Book a new-to-you or favorite facial in Philadelphia at our inspirational beauty studio. Our Philadelphia Nova lashes studio offers the best facial and other beauty services for those who want nothing but the best for their face.

Frequently Asked Questions

All facials like Anti-Free Radical Facial, Lumafirm Facial, Aromatherapy Facial, Eminence Facial, and some others include four primary steps. These steps include cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, and mask application.

There are several things you should avoid prior to getting a facial. You’ll want to avoid facial waxing, tanning, eyelash extensions, Botox, intense exfoliation, and other possible skin irritants for at least a few days before a facial.

After a facial, you shouldn’t apply makeup for a minimum of six hours. Also, since your skin was probably freshly exfoliated, avoid using scrubs on your face for a few days after the facial.

The cost of a facial depends on the facial type, but commonly, they are about $100. Our Timeless Caviar Facials and Lumafirm Facials are priced slightly higher around $110.


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