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About Nova Lashes Studio

At Nova Lashes Studio, our team sees brows, lashes, and permanent makeup as the holy trinity of beauty. These elements can be powerful for crafting your signature look and facing the world each day with more confidence. 

Defined eyebrows contribute to balanced facial architecture and symmetry, while lash enhancements add a subtle or dramatic “it” factor and make your eyes more expressive. It’s virtually impossible to replicate the transformation that customized, professional brows and lashes provide. That’s why we aim to be the studio that not only makes you feel gorgeous, but cuts your daily beauty routine in half.

We opened Nova Lashes Studio in year to bring a fresh approach to beauty and skincare to the area. Our inspirational beauty space is located in Northeast Philadelphia. 

Eyebrows and Lips

Before and After Your Appointment

Before Care Instruction

  • Do not work out heavily right before the procedure.
  • Do not consume alcohol 48 hours and caffeine 24 hours before a procedure.
  • Do not have Botox at least 3 weeks prior.
  • Do not have any type of facial/peel/laser 2-3 weeks prior to a procedure.
  • Avoid direct sunlight at least 3 days before a procedure.
  • Please discontinue Vitamin A/Retinol/Retinoid products one month prior to appointment.
  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen, omega-3, unless medically necessary, 48-72 hours prior to the procedure. These products make you bleed, making it difficult to inject pigment. 
    • If on prescription blood thinners, I will still treat you, but please be aware that excess bleeding may impact the pigment retention.
  • Please do not book an appointment before any major events, like a vacation, social event, or wedding.
Do not wax, pluck, tweeze, thread or tint eyebrows within 7 days before the procedure.
  • For eyeliner micropigmentation, please discontinue Latisse or other lash serums for 2 weeks before treatment. Latisse lash growth serums cause danger of pigment migration.
  • For eyeliner treatments, please remove lash extensions, false lash strips, and contact lenses before treatment.
  • If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, please bring your glasses to all appointments! You must wear eyeglasses for 3 days post-procedure for all eyeliner procedures. After that, you can wear your contact lenses. The contact lenses must be brand new.
  • Eyelash tinting can be performed 72 hours prior to eyeliner micropigmentation procedure or 15 days after.
  • No lip procedure can be performed on dry/cracked lips. 
  • Please perform light lip peeling with a soft brush five days before the appointment.
  • Apply lip balm, moisturizing ointment, or oil during the day and before going to sleep.
  • Bring lipstick and contour pencils you normally use to the appointment, but please do not apply them on the day of the procedure. 
  • If prone to cold sore outbreaks, please take Valtrex as a prophylactic 3 days before lip treatment, day of treatment, and 3 days after treatment (7 days total) to prevent a cold sore outbreak.

After care Instruction

  • Do not touch the healing area with your hands/fingers. The skin of your hands may contain bacteria that can cause an infection.
  • Try to keep your face dry while taking a shower and opt to wash your hair at the end. Limit your time in the shower to 5-7 minutes to avoid steam accumulation. Try your best not to get your eyebrows wet with water or soap.
  • Please refrain from heavy workouts that lead to excess sweating for the first 7 days after the procedure.
  • Do not use saunas or swimming pools for 10 days after the procedure.
  • Do not sunbathe and/or use sunblock for 10 days after the procedure.
  • Use a clean pillowcase when sleeping after the procedure.
  • After the exfoliation process is finished, the color might look dull (especially eyelash enhancement). This is normal. By day 10, only external healing is completed. The internal healing is finished in the third or fourth week. Full color will be visible after week 4
  • Avoid any contact with water for 4 days for the tattooed area.
  • Do not peel your eyebrows while they heal.
  • Do not apply makeup to your eyebrows for 10 days.
  • Do not apply any creams. It is preferable that your eyes heal naturally.
  • Avoid any contact with water for 4 days for the tattooed area.
  • Do not apply any creams. It is preferable that your eyes heal naturally.
  • If you wear contact lenses, you can start using them on day 2.
  • Use a clean/new towel and tissues.
  • Do not apply makeup to your eyes for 10 days.
  • Do not drink anything hot and use a straw.
  • Eat carefully and try not to get food on your lips.
  • Avoid spicy, salty food and other species such as curry. This will help to preserve the pigment, which is still settling.
  • No kissing until your lips are completely healed.
  • Do not use Vaseline, creams with antibiotics or Neosporin. Use only the ointment provided, brand new moisturizing balm, or grapeseed oil.

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