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Enhance Your Look With Flawless Eyebrows In Philadelphia

Eyebrow threading involves eyebrow hair removal using nothing but a humble length of thread. In order to have a better grasp on each strand of hair, the thread is often made from cotton rather than a synthetic fiber.

Though how you choose to manage your brows is up to you, some people find the easiest eyebrow shaping in Philadelphia through threading. For those who want to maintain a precise and tidy look but cannot possibly spend hours plucking or polishing on their own, threading is a fantastic choice.

Get More Defined Eyebrows With Threading

Threading is still fairly new when it comes to eyebrow upkeep. However, the great part is that you can achieve the same outcomes with much less discomfort than you would get with waxing or plucking. Our eyebrow threading in Philadelphia works by gently lifting and removing stray hairs off your brows with cotton thread that twists and wraps around it.

This may not sound pleasant to some, but people with sensitive skin typically favor threading over waxing or plucking. And paired with eyebrow tinting in Philadelphia, you can get your most beautifully defined brows with less hassle.

Eyebrow threading service

Eyebrow threading in Philadelphia for different face shapes

There are basically six different face shapes: round, oval, long, square, heart, and diamond. The experts here will look at work accordingly.

  • Since an oval face shape is seen as ideal, the best eyebrow shape for this is a softly angled eyebrow shape. This type has a straight upward slope which softly softens into the rounded top and downward slope.
  • Our experts can design a low-arch, rounded brow curve that looks feminine, attractive, and smooth.
  • Flat eyebrow shapes look great on longer faces. The face will appear slightly shorter due to the brow’s horizontal form.
  • A high-arch brow will suit a rounded shape face the best since it gives the face more angled features.
  • With a square shape, stronger and more defined brows are often needed, such as with angled brows. This shape can have a fine balance due to its powerful peak at the top.

Nova lashes studio has experts for threading eyebrows in Philadelphia. All our beauty technicians are certified and experienced.

Avoid brow nightmares

You don’t want to have creepy eyebrows that are like stick figures or uneven eyebrows that shout “botched waxing job.” A smooth, natural appearance is ensured through threading, which is a very controlled, natural process. Eyebrow threading in Philly ensures symmetrical brows that perfectly suit your overall look and facial structure.

Benefits Of Philadelphia Eyebrow Treatments -

Following are some benefits you can expect from eyebrow treatments at Nova Lashes Studio:

  • Prevent asymmetrical eyebrow shape
By correcting and coloring the eyebrows with henna or paint, we can address the issue of asymmetry. Not only will your eyebrows be symmetrical, but they’ll also fit your facial shape.
  • Sparse brows
Thin or sparse brows can be augmented with brow architecture. With the aid of adjustment as well as coloring, we create a shape that enhances your face type.
  • Ditch the necessity of daily brow care
In addition to attracting emphasis to your facial characteristics, the design of your eyebrows can even render it unnecessary to apply makeup every morning. Eyebrow tints can last up to 4-6 weeks.
  • Better for skin and less painful
Since there is no painful pulling or any skin contact with eyebrow threading, it is gentler for sensitive or acne-prone skin types.

If you’re curious about permanent makeup, you can even try our eyebrow tattoo in Philadelphia at our studio and get perfect brows you never have to touch up yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every person has a different growth rate. However, threaded brows can last up to four weeks. One can go for touch ups every few weeks to maintain the clean and finished look.

Eyebrow threading is considered a safe cosmetic procedure. Removing hair with thread should not cause any problems, but when it comes to sensitive skin, a rare few will experience irritation.

Microblading and threading are two completely different practices. While threading removes excess hair, microblading applies semi-permanent pigment to create stronger brow architecture and the illusion of fuller brows.

Generally, an eyebrow tattoo can last between 1 to 3 years. However, it also depends on individual color (dark colors last longer than lighter shades). Semi-permanent eyebrows (eyebrow tattoo) tend to have softer, more natural tones, which makes them more prone to fading than a regular tattoo.

Someone 13-16 years old is generally old enough to get their first waxing or threading experience.


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