Are Lash Lifts Safe?

Lash lifts generally are safe, but you should get it performed by certified and professional lash experts who have significant experience.  A professionally skilled lash lift service provider can ensure whether a lash lift procedure will be suitable for you or not, based on your skin type and eyelashes. 

Additionally, it is necessary that the procedure is performed with excellent quality product in a clean and hygienic environment to minimize the risk of infection. If not done properly, lash lifts can lead to risks like eyelash damage, eye irritation, and injury.

Points To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Lash Lift

Before going for a lash lift Treatment, you should consider a few things which can cause problems afterwards if ignored. 

They are listed below: 

  • Should have a proper knowledge of your skin, whether the skin is sensitive and can react to chemicals and if your skin is moderate then you can go for the lash lift. 
  • A lash lift can cause redness, swelling or even rashes around the eyes which may indicate allergic reactions.
  • Overprocessing can also be one of the issues. We often know that getting hair dyed a certain number of times can lead to damage. This same holds for eyelashes too. This can lead to thinning of the natural hairs of the lashes.  
  • Consult with the experts and ask them whether it will be a safe treatment for you. 

Adhering to the above discussed precautions will ensure that the lash lift treatment turns out safe for you.

Keep In Mind Before Getting A Lash Lift

Who should not get a Lash Lift?

Even though getting lash lifts is safe, some people should avoid them, such as those who have experienced: 
  1. Allergic Reactions 

If you are someone who has an allergy to the products or the chemicals which are used in the lash lift treatment or in cosmetics, then you should avoid it.
  1. Recent Eye Surgery 

If you are someone who has recently gone through surgery on your eye such as a cataract surgery or any other, then it is advisable to consult with your doctor first about whether you should go for a lash lift or not. 
  1. People with weak and sensitive lashes

If you have fragile eyelashes and your eyes are generally very sensitive, then you should avoid getting a lash lift because it can affect the health of your eyes and even lashes. 
  1. Pregnancy or Breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or even in the stage of breastfeeding then you should postpone your lash lift. In your pregnancy, there are certain hormonal changes which can affect the sensitivity of the lashes and can even cause risk to the baby. If you are someone among the ones which are described above, then you should not go for a lash lift and you should consult with your doctors first.

How To Maintain A Lash Lift?

Maintaining the lash lift is easy. You should keep a few things in mind which are given below: 

  • You should keep your lashes dry. 
  • You should not sleep by your face on the pillow for a day after getting lash lift treatment. 
  • The perm which is applied on your lashes while treatment can lift a bit faster when comes in contact with water and humidity, so be careful while swimming, bathing, working out, etc. 
  • Avoid using mascara after getting lash lifts. 

You can enhance longevity of lash lifts by keeping the above pointers in mind after getting the treatment.

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