How Long Does A Lash Lift Last?

Lash lifts last 6-8 weeks; it also depends on individual factors like the natural lash growth cycle and aftercare.

Lash lift is a cosmetic treatment that gives the appearance of longer lash length, lifted lashes. During the treatment, a solution is applied to the lashes to break down the bonds and reshape them. Then they are “fixed” in a lifted position using rods or perm papers.

Lifted lashes can last for a few weeks without eyelash curlers. Choosing a qualified and experienced lash lift provider is essential. It’s also necessary to follow the expert’s aftercare instructions to ensure the best results.

What key factors decide the life of a lash lift?

The longevity of a lash lift depends on various factors, but a few of them highly affect or decide their durability.

Those factors are as follows:

  • Natural lash growth cycle: 
The life of a lash lift will depend on how quickly an individual’s lashes naturally grow and shed. The faster an individual’s lashes grow and shed, the shorter the life of the lift. The lift will need to be redone more often to maintain the desired results.
  • Aftercare: 
Proper aftercare, such as avoiding oil-based products and not rubbing the eyes, can help extend the life of the lash lift. It is also essential to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the lash lift providers. It’s because they will give the best advice on how to care for your lashes after the treatment.
  • Lifestyle: 
Activities such as swimming, saunas, and excessive exposure to heat and humidity can shorten the life of a lash lift. Thus, it is vital to check on it and minimize these activities to extend the life of the lash lift.
  • Quality of product and technique: 
Lift’s longevity will also depend on the quality of the product and the skill of the person performing the procedure. High-quality products and the proper procedure by a skilled technician can help extend the life of the lift.

How to make the lash lift last longer?

The longer the life of the lash lift means, the more glamorous the moments. Here are some tips to help make your lash lift last longer:

  • First, avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid oily cosmetics such as makeup removers, moisturizers, and other products near your eye area, as oil can weaken the lift. 
  • Individuals should not rub their eyes as this can cause the lashes to lose their shape and shorten the life of the lift.
  • Try to handle your lashes gently, as excessive pulling or tugging can weaken the lift. 
  • Avoid your lashes from excessive heat and humidity because this can shorten the life of the lift you are having.

Other than this, follow the aftercare instructions provided by your lash lift technician, as proper aftercare can help extend the life of the lift.

Long Does A Lash Lift Last

What happens during a lash lift procedure?

A lash lift procedure is usually painless and does not cause discomfort. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: The treatment provider will separate your bottom eyelashes from your upper eyelashes by sticking down the lower ones. 

Step 2: To give the lashes a lift and longer appearance, they will paint them upward on a silicon rod using a serum. 

Step 3: Next, they can also use tint and volumizer. 

Step 4: At last, they will brush and clean your eyelashes. 

During the procedure, you only need to close your eyes. It would take about 45 minutes to complete the procedure.

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